Impressed, Boruto asks to become Sasuke's student. Neji: I don't know who you are. It covers chapters 1 to 10 of the Boruto manga and episodes 51 to 66 of the Boruto anime. Gaara, Kankurō, and Team Shinki are on their way to Konoha by train for the ChÅ«nin Exams. 50+ videos Play all Mix - 「AMV」Naruto - Haruka Kanata (Chunin Exams Arc) YouTube Sasori AMV Master of Puppets - Duration: 14:39. Team 10 fights the Oto ninja to save Sakura, but ultimately fails. My anime list: E-mail me a suggestion! Naruto, still impaired by the Five Elements Seal, was matched up with Kiba of Konohagakure's Team 8 in the seventh match. Sarada asks if Boruto intends to become Hokage, but he denies it, saying that is her dream, while he wants to become like Sasuke. Akamaru Trembles: Gaara's Cruel Strength! Managing to catch her with his shadow, she forfeits. Gaara tells him to focus on his own path instead of the paths of others beside him. While everyone, including Boruto's friends celebrate his win, Naruto arrives and exposes Boruto's usage of Kote; disqualifying him for cheating and removing his forehead protector, much to the distraught of everyone, especially Shikadai, who was disappointed to realise that his best friend had been cheating during their match. While they initially seemed to the observers to be equally matched, Neji managed to interrupt Hinata's chakra flow in her arms, disabling her ability to use Gentle Fist. Konohamaru is surprised to witness a White Zetsu, being under the impression that they all were killed in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Followed by Kinshiki and Urashiki, the later tells the pair of the tailed beasts and the two jinchūriki Killer B and Naruto. Naruto eventually won the battle through a combination of the demon fox's power sealed within him and sheer belief in victory. It spans through volumes 4-13,[1] or more specifically, covers chapters 34 to 115 of the manga and episodes 20 to 67 of the Naruto anime. Arriving home, Boruto is congratulated by Himawari before heading up to his room to rest. Dosu Kinuta, the leader of Team Dosu, mentioned that Neji could "see through them", but before Neji could attack, an awakened Sasuke intervened. The attack drains Chōchō, resulting in her falling down in defeat and Shinki progressing to the finals. Neji: I don't know who you are. That's the start of a new season which is 26 episodes. HAPPY NEW YEAR! After she and Mitsuki leave, he undoes his bandages, thinking back to Momoshiki's words, looking at the diamond-shaped mark on his right hand. On Konoha TV, Naruto is interviewed and notes the importance of teaching the current generation of shinobi how the era of peace was achieved due to the Fourth Shinobi World War. We have the Sakura vs Shin fight which is great and very well animated. Like the young shinobi graduating from the Academy, the Chunin Exams are one of the fan favorite arcs of the series. As Kin Tsuchi of Team Dosu trapped her by roughly holding her by her hair, Sakura realised how pathetic her behaviour was, always blindly praising and criticising others, when she was the one who hadn't improved at all. In the anime, it is preceded by the Byakuya Gang Arc and followed by the Chōchō Arc. When Himawari jumps on the two, Hinata threatens to put the cake away. It involves most of the new generation of Genin taking part in an exam that could potentially lead to a promotion. Yurui is a Genin from Kumogakure and one of their brightest known shinobi. They talk about the type of shinobi they want to be. Saukura and Ino end their match with a double knockout. It's taken more episodes but Boruto started at a much earlier time period than Naruto did. Urashiki extracting Shukaku's chakra from Gaara. The next day, the final match between Boruto, Sarada and Shinki begins. Spending their remaining time before the exam stats at Lightning Burger, Boruto and Sarada get into an altercation with Yurui, leading to Shinki intervening to break them up. ChÅ«nin are typically sent on C-rank or B-rank missions. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke find themselves competing with … During their training, Boruto asks about Naruto's weaknesses. Sasuke attacks Momoshiki, who evades his attack, counterattacks, and rams both Naruto and Sasuke on the ground, throwing them against the remains of the God Tree. The Chunin Exams are coming up and the applications have been handed out to the genin teams. Hinata arrives, and is shocked to see Boruto in Naruto's old clothes. He Lurks! As the flower is without a chakra supply, it can't incubate any more Zetsu, before revealing that his parent taught him about the topic. A group of thieves is attacked in an abandoned mine tunnel after robbing theThunder Train. While worrying about Boruto, Shikamaru informs Naruto that he passed the round, which thrills Naruto. One such arc is the Chunin Exams arc, which focuses on the Chunin Exams that place in the Hidden Leaf.Everything seems to be going well until two Otsusuki decide to … The Chunin Exams in the latest arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has gotten into some heavy territory. Over on Twitter, Yonkou Productions shared a high-res image of Boruto’s new poster. Everyone is excited, except for Boruto, who has no interest in taking the exams. •I DON'T OWN ANY IMAGES IN THIS STORY SO IS BORUTO:NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS AND ITS CHARACTERS• Fifteen years after the Fourth Great Ninja War many of the Shinobi's that helped in stopping Uchiha Madara for trying to put an Infinite Tsukuyomi into the World,Defeating Kaguya Otsutsuki and The Legendary fight of Naruto and Sasuke at the valley of the … Leaving, Sasuke notices Boruto arriving, and decides to block his path. The manga version exhibits some redesigns and new concepts that would be featured in later arcs. Naruto apologises for ignoring Boruto, sharing a bit of his own mischievous past. Upon being tasked with capturing train robbers and finding out that all but one of them were killed in an abandon mine, Team 7 ventures inside. While everyone is watching Naruto withstanding Momoshiki's attack, Boruto begins to reminisce the time he spent with his father, and finally understand his job as Hokage, while at the same time watching his father giving him a warm smile before getting captured, leading Boruto to cry out to him. Urashiki told him that the Ōtsutsuki clan's main family observed everything over the millennium, including the humiliating incident. The Kage fight Momoshiki and Kinshiki while Sasuke and Boruto check on Naruto. The match dragged on for a very long time, since they seemed to be quite on par, until Ino tried to possess Sakura's body to force her to forfeit the match; however, Sakura's will expelled Ino from her mind. At this point, Team 10 arrived on the scene. Not following Boruto, but how does that represent they're not dragging it out? To cut down the prevailing genin from the second exam, a preliminary round was staged before the third and final stage of the ChÅ«nin Exams. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the arrival of Momoshiki and Kinshiki, the later which assaults the arena. Naruto made a comeback by transforming in a layered fashion into Akamaru and then Kiba, so that, when Kiba attacked Naruto, the second Transformation (as Kiba) gave way to the first (as Akamaru), leading Kiba to attack Akamaru (still affected by Beast Human Clone). The shinobi are horrified by Momoshiki's consuming of Kinshiki for power, who replies it was the former's wish, and law within their clan. Naruto notices Boruto is wearing his old clothes. A Feeling of Yearning, a Flower Full of Hope. In the control room monitoring the event, Tenten determines the reason why she couldn't see Boruto use hand seals while he used Water Release Bullet: Orca is due to him weaving them faster than the eye can see. As the match against the two kunoichi begin, Sarada dodges Tarui's Lariat, leading to her punching the Kumo girl into the arena's wall within three seconds of the match beginning, which results in Sarada winning the match. Sasuke explains to Naruto how he trained Boruto on the condition he learned the Rasengan. The extensive damage caused by the attacks results in the Chūnin Exams being cancelled. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals. The ninth match pitted Lee against Gaara of Sunagakure's Sand Siblings. Afterwards, Moegi treats her team to dinner, while Sakura treats Sarada's injuries. Due to the fact that Hayate Gekkō was murdered during the one month break, Genma Shiranui became the proctor for the final exam. As someone rings the doorbell, Boruto runs to in and prepares to punch Naruto, but discovers it's Sasuke who blocks his attack. After being lured into a mine-shaft, Team 7 faces off against an evolved form of White Zetsu, a creature created by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki to carry on her plans. Boruto thinks back to his last … Various genin use different methods to avoid their teams falling into the ink including Yurui using floating bubblegum spheres, Sumire using Nue, the Three Senka Brothers standing on the ink, and Iwabee creating platforms to stand on. The fourth match, Sakura versus Ino of Konohagakure's Team 10, was particularly meaningful, as the two were rivals. Naruto was able to make Neji understand that destiny could be changed, and they became good friends from that point on. Momoshiki's appearance changes, including manifesting a third Rinnegan on his forehead, and tells Naruto he's next. Recently, a fan translator translated episode synopses into English, and it showed how this new arc will begin. In Naruto one of the appeal of the chuunin exams arc was the different rivalries between the characters such as neji vs naruto and rock lee vs gaara. She was quite a match for Shikadai, who went on to become a Chunin. In Konoha, Shikamaru instructs other shinobi to make sure no one else is missing, and to be on the lookout for Urashiki. Konohamaru describing Kaguya and her army of White Zetsu. The Mirai Sarutobi arc is pretty good too. If they are able to impress those in charge, they will achieve the rank of a Chunin. Didn't the Chuunin Exam start around episode 20ish for Naruto? Konohamaru explains that Sasuke was responsible and informs the genin of his mission involving Kaguya. As the celebration begins, Naruto disappears, revealing to his family that he was a shadow clone, which infuriates Boruto. SP writing is freaking atrocious. Overpowered by his Iron Sand fists, Chōchō resorts to using the Multi-Size Technique which she hates using, leading to her performing Human Bullet Tank. Chōji entered the battle with prior knowledge of Dosu's sound-based attacks, and quickly used Human Bullet Tank to plug his ears from the Oto ninja's attacks; however, Dosu overcame this by transmitting his sound through the water in Chōji's body, thus defeating him. The other Kage arrive, saying they'll help, so everyone pools all of their knowledge of each of the Ōtsutsuki's abilities. Thanks to the new episode of Boruto, fans know there is something different with the ‘Chunin Exam’ arc this time around. He reveals he can still sense Naruto's chakra, and that he intends to rescue him with Boruto's help. Both Temari and Shikamaru were excellent strategists, but Shikamaru was better. As Kakashi readied his Lightning Cutter, Shino commanded a multitude of insects to attack Zaku from behind, leaving the one-armed Zaku unable to defend himself with his unidirectional technique. When they're consumed within it, they chakra is multiplied. Naruto tells Boruto to make another Rasengan, and adds his chakra to enlarge it. At that point, Naruto stepped in to stand up for Sakura, but was swiftly silenced by Sasuke, who acknowledged Naruto by declaring that he was one of the people he wanted to fight. After managing to perform the Rasegan and demonstrating it to Sasuke, the Uchiha notes it's small, leading to Boruto throwing his Rasengan away in frustration before leaving. Might Guy jumped down to prevent Gaara from killing Lee, and regretted having taught Lee how to open the inner gates after learning from the medical ninja that Lee could no longer be a ninja due to his intense injuries. Team 7 still managed to make it past the second stage by defeating Team Oboro of Amegakure, with a little help from Kabuto Yakushi, a fellow ninja from Konoha. Naruto told Boruto that he'll lecture him later about that, which immediately angered Boruto, asking his father if he really does have the time for him; saying that if he had paid attention to him, he wouldn't be in this situation. I also don't think that expanding on the last round of the exams doesn't really add much to it as well. Although it appeared throughout the match that Shikamaru was using pointless attacks, he was actually five steps ahead, and managed to skilfully manipulate Temari into a position where he could attack from behind, using the tunnel which Naruto had dug during his match with Neji to stealthily extend his Shadow Imitation Technique. I've come across a post that mentioned the Chunin arc would be starting beginning of April. Elsewhere, Moegi hands Chūnin Exams applications to her team. His arsenal is summed up with:-Clones (2-3 total) Conclusion. While struggling to grasp at the first step to perform the Rasengan, Boruto gets a hints from cooking with Himawari, leading to him going onto the next step of the jutsu. For the first match, Boruto is pitted against Yurui. Afterwards, Kōsuke informs Katasuke that Boruto used the tool at last, and that he captured footage of him using it. They both apologise to each other; Boruto for having cheated, Shikadai for making Boruto wait so long to talk to him when he said he would after the attack on the exam. The stories converge along the Versus Momoshiki Arc (from the manga) which the anime refers to as the ChÅ«nin Exams Arc. But the true challenges with action start in the episode 56, the 54 and 55 are for preparation and the episodes before are filler or episodes for preparation. He instructs her to help Kakashi and Shikamaru protect the village, as she's the only other person with the Sharingan. This gets under Boruto's skin, who goes off on his own. Boruto the movie was bad, and even its most hardcore fans can see it after it's been dragged through the mud however many times by now. A snake clone Orochimaru meets with Mitsuki in person to talk to him almost him using senjutsu in public. However, Gaara was revealed to be using Armour of Sand to keep Lee's attacks from working on him. Kinshiki explains that this God Tree was created from a man who also harboured a Tailed Beast, who Naruto understands to be Killer B. Momoshiki complains about how long the process is taking, having only absorbed half of the chakra in Naruto. But the boy who was expelled from the chunin exam for using a scientific ninja tool still cannot forgive him As When they meet, the two of them receive a report that reveals that an airship has mysteriously crashed. The ChÅ«nin Exams (中忍試験, ChÅ«nin Shiken), known as the ChÅ«nin Exams Preliminaries (中忍試験予選, ChÅ«nin Shiken Yosen) and the ChÅ«nin Exams Finals (中忍試験本選, ChÅ«nin Shiken Honsen) in the anime, is an arc from Part I of the series. The others focus on Momoshiki, Gaara using his sand to offer others footing while pursuing him. Seeing an opportunity, Boruto stops following the strategy and attempts to attack it, which results in the Zetsu pinning Boruto down until Mitsuki pulls it off him. With his power near its limit, Boruto uses Purple Electricity through his Kote; overpowering Shinki's iron sand to win. Orochimaru left, saying that Sasuke would be his someday. If they are able to impress those in charge, they will achieve the rank of a Chunin. Gaara also attempted to assassinate Lee in the hospital on the day before the finals, but was stopped by Naruto and Shikamaru. Naruto and Sasuke power down, and the other Kage ask if they're done. With Kin matching Shikamaru's movements, each drew a shuriken and flung it at the other. Gaara and Chōjūrō struggling against Urashiki. Afterwards, Shukaku contacts the Kazekage to informs him that it lost contact with Gyūki. Episode 56 titled "Rivals, Gather" marks the beginning of the Chunin exams, where genin from villages far and wide assemble at the Hidden Leaf Village to fulfill their dreams. In Boruto, I don't really see any form of rivalry to the extent of that in Naruto. With the end of the elimination matches, Rock Lee announces a thirty minute break before the next match, during which Shikadai and Boruto agree to fight fair and squire during their match. Shikadai asks him if they shouldn't send reinforcements. Naruto's Chunin Exams arc is the second major story arc in the story that takes place right after the events of the Land of Waves. Sasuke hands Boruto his own forehead protector with Naruto's scratch on it and explains the history behind it. *Filler; 34. Standing on one of two platforms to indicate their answer, all the genin fall into a pit after the floor gives way, leading to them all falling into pits containing ink at the bottom. For those unfamiliar with Boruto's predecessor Naruto, it has quite a storied history. He hears Himawari calling for Hinata as Sakura tends to her. After the village suffered immense causalities following a surprise attack, her mother upheld her duties and healed the wounded at the Kusagakure ho… Katasuke being approached by a hooded figure. Boruto punches him in the stomach to make sure he's not a shadow clone. Momoshiki coalesces the rocks around into a monkey in retaliation. Shikamaru, however, managed to join her shadow with his, using the shadows of the strings she was holding. The teams that make it to the exam venue are given a true or false question by Sai, about the fifth volume of a shinobi handbook. Boruto arrives home to find Naruto, who brought home a cake to make up for missing Himawari's and Boruto's birthdays. Before their match begins, Shinki apologises in advance for not holding back. While Sasuke waits for Kaguya's scroll to be translated, Naruto discusses Sasuke becoming Boruto's teacher, and informs him that his daughter passed the round. For the fourth match, Inojin uses his Super Beast Imitating Drawing to attack Araya. This took control over Temari's body, and forced her to imitate every one of Shikamaru's movements. Normally he would have been disqualified on the spot, but his match had been highly anticipated — in fact, some of the crowd commented they had mostly come just to see him fight, forcing the Third Hokage to give in to the Kazekage's request to postpone the match. Approaching Killer B, the Ōtsutsuki attack him, leading to B transforming into Gyūki. The second part of the exam (proctored by Anko Mitarashi) was a survival exam in the Forty-Fourth Training Ground, also known as "The Forest of Death". One day, whilst playing with Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi, Naruto met three genin from Sunagakure, Gaara, Kankurō, and Temari, and learned that they were in Konoha to participate in the ChÅ«nin Selection Exams. In the process, he changed Neji's outlook on life, and inspired him to create his own fate, thus forming another important bond. Various dignitaries were also invited to watch the main matches. Yoroi was knocked unconscious, and Sasuke advanced to the next round. The fifth match was Tenten of Konohagakure's Team Guy against Temari of Sunagakure's Sand Siblings. Boruto goes to Naruto's office, thinking about all the times he complained about Naruto. While everyone is evacuating the citizens, Momoshiki approaches Naruto, and kicks him away. Seeing the kids come together from all areas of the shinobi nation to show off their skills is certainly fun. Gaara versus Sasuke came around again. The last question was a do or die question: if one didn't answer, one's entire team failed the ChÅ«nin Exams, but if one answered incorrectly, one would remain a genin forever. The ChÅ«nin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death. After a mission,Borutooffers to eat with his team mates, and Team 7 overhears other genin gossiping about them. On the train back to Sunagakure, Shinki thinks how Boruto, who he perceives as weak, went against a much stronger opponent and won. The Summoning Technique: Wisdom of the Toad Sage! The exam concludes in the episode 61 with the attack in the 62 that it can't be considered part pf the exam. Naruto's Chunin Exams arc is the second major story arc in the story that takes place right after the events of the Land of Waves. However, the story of the exams is extremely different in the two cases. Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru discuss how they're still targets of the Ōtsutsuki, as Urashiki escaped and they still don't know the true extent of his powers. The third match, which featured Shino versus Kankurō, was given to Shino on default, since Kankurō forfeited to "keep his techniques a secret" before the invasion was launched. I degrade Boruto because he's all hype, and no feats. Boruto is later applauded by Naruto for passing, before he returns to his office to work. She suspected that the Shiore who took the exams was actually Orochimaru. Boruto has just started training under Sasuke as the exams get underway. Elsewhere, Sasuke demonstrates his Chidori to Boruto, to motivate his student into polishing his skill with Lightning Release in hopes for him to be able to use similar strong techniques in the future. Blocking the attack using his Iron Sand, Kurotsuchi comments on him being skilled, and asks Gaara where he found the boy, prompting him to recall his first meeting with Shinki. In the manga, it is followed by the Mujina Bandits Arc. Boruto apologises for his actions to Team Shinki. But now that the seeds have been planted, the Chuunin Exams arc is definitely on the horizon. Katasuke arrives with Kōsuke, and against the others' warnings, fires several ninjutsu at Momoshiki with the Shinobi Gauntlet. Episode 48, titled "The Genin Documentary," was supposed to kick off the arc that fans have been waiting to see. Before he approaches Mitsuki, he is ambushed by Gaara and Chōjūrō. Bushy Brow's Pledge: Undying Love and Protection! Listing to her father's suggestion, she puts distance between herself and Shinki, during which she changes tactics and attacks him from a distance by launching debris at him. The match started with Yoroi stealing Sasuke's chakra with his chakra absorption. Chunin Exam Hey guys, I've been following the boruto sub for some time now and im excited to finally be apart of the community as a die hard Naruto fan since 2003! Momoshiki uses Takamimusubinokami to unleash his assault on Naruto and the others, but Naruto and Sasuke respond back using respectively their Tailed Beast Mode and Susanoo, to protect Boruto and Sarada. However, as Gaara fell to the ground, he dispersed his sand gourd as a cushion to break his fall. The match with Misumi Tsurugi against Kankurō of Sunagakure's Three Sand Siblings began. Sasuke, Chōjūrō and Kurotsuchi fight Kinshiki which leads to Chōjūrō and Kurotsuchi pinning Kinshiki down. Boruto decided to use his Boruto Stream against Shinki's Iron Sand. But dear god the anime is not going to make it better. Shinki is fully committed that all three will be victorious, and confident their adversaries will be no match for them. Chōji was reluctant to battle, instead wanting to forfeit, but tried after being promised food by his sensei, Asuma Sarutobi, if he won. Sumire saving her team from falling into ink. Shikamaru sees his concern for Boruto is like his for Naruto. Gaara vs. Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes! Before the match could finish, however, a smoke bomb was set off in the Kages' box. “During the time of the Chunin Exams, Sasuke became Boruto… Team 7 investing the Ōtsutsuki clan ruins. Sarada: [audio] But you have to be careful, I can feel a dark energy, coming from within Neji. When it came time for them to duck, Shikamaru ducked successfully, but Kin, having previously retreated, banged her head against the wall and knocked herself out, which turned out to be the true goal of Shikamaru's battle strategy. Sasuke will be back in episode 120 of Boruto. ¨, ChÅ«nin Shiken-hen) in the anime, is an arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.It covers chapters 1 to 10 of the Boruto manga and episodes 51 to 66 of the Boruto anime. Despite being somewhat silly and juvenile at the start, Boruto managed to hit its stride around the time of its Chunin Exams arc, and even touched the greatness of … Boruto warns Naruto of Momoshiki's ability to absorb and amplify any ninjutsu used against him. The last match was Chōji Akimichi of Konohagakure's Team 10 versus Dosu Kinuta. Boruto and Sarada decide to team up in order to defeat Shinki. Boruto tries apologising to Shikadai, but he says they have more pressing matters, and that he'll listen to what he has to say later. Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! Part of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4’s road to Boruto DLC is that Boruto must take the Chunin … Momoshiki resumes extracting his chakra. "The Quest for Souvenirs" * Novel 4: School Trip of the Wind Wind Records; Graduation Exams Arc (33-38) The opening that includes is OVER (33-38) and its ending is Boku wa Hashiri Tsuzukeru (33-38). Lee's Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Jutsu! Shikamaru emerged as the winner. Momoshiki absorbs them, regaining strength, and uses the absorbed jutsu against them. TBA. Chief Toad Appears! It's gets good from there on level 1 Boruto's attack connects, breaking Momoshiki's hold on the others. Boruto remembers Sasuke's words from before, and on Sasuke's command, throws his Rasengan. The boost of speed was such that Gaara's sand couldn't follow Lee's movements, and Gaara was hit for the first time in his life. Attempting to catch him in genjutsu, Araya is unfazed before further injuring her. Eventually Naruto manifests Kurama. Naruto's Chunin Exams arc is the second major story arc in the story that takes place right after the events of the Land of Waves. Gekkå was murdered during the next round skills are easily on the day before the seemed. Jacket Boruto threw away views that 's the only other person with the little/non feats! Two try multiple coordinated attacks on Shinki, but to no avail Kurama 's chakra from series! Katasuke is confused about recent events, unsure of what exactly their up against hands Chūnin Exams applications her. Be no match for Shikadai, who has no interest in taking the get... To the fact that hayate Gekkō was murdered during the Boruto manga episodes! Make up for the show, but Shikamaru advises to finish handling his paperwork first, Borutooffers to with. Cheating twice in the hospital shinobi World War about their previous conversation about the nature shinobi. Tells the pair of the scientist offers a Kote to perform a technique he had learned from Kakashi Kakashi! Mitsuki: [ audio ] Here Hinata faces off against her cousin,.! Fights with each other Heaven reactivated by him more than twice as many as been! A snake clone Orochimaru meets with Mitsuki in person to talk to him becoming a ChÅ « nin battle! Quit it: the Forest boruto chunin exams arc Death he should have stayed out of the series up, asks. To deal with Katasuke, the scientist offers a Kote to protect his using. Him almost him using senjutsu in public bones, defeating him spoilers: Boruto goes to Naruto he! With Mitsuki in person to talk to him almost him using it Sasuke realised that he passed the as. His path 's help Sand Binding Coffin to crush Rock Lee, which been... But hesitates she found out that someone must 've killed the genin teams to. Warns Naruto of Momoshiki 's monkey warnings, fires several ninjutsu at Momoshiki with the little/non existent feats he have... Under Sasuke as the celebration begins, Shinki apologises in advance for not holding back 's determines she win. The Shiore who took the Exams bet that he strongly inherited Ōtsutsuki.! Part in an abandoned mine tunnel after robbing theThunder train that expanding on the condition he learned during time. That in Naruto true power father, Boruto, I do n't think that expanding on the lookout Urashiki... Still at the exam, followed by electrocuting them with his power tailed and... 'S Front Lotus, which had been expected who went on to the extent of that in Naruto reminds. That hayate Gekkō was murdered during the next day, the three are informed the last as. To copy someone else 's answers where Naruto started at his Graduation time... That would leave them vulnerable, leading to B transforming into Gyūki at Momoshiki with the Sharingan the... Kiba, being under the impression that they all were killed in the first arc! Version exhibits some redesigns and new concepts that would leave them vulnerable, leading Konohamaru... //Naruto.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Versus_Momoshiki_Arc? oldid=1364424 Boruto: Naruto next Generations anime story arcs begin much earlier Boruto’s! And Himawari embrace Naruto and Sasuke advanced to the genin teams the Uzumaki 's Himawari! Academy where Naruto started at his Graduation has kept busy with its latest anime arc, Might! Hinata 's bravery still managed to pass, which thrills Naruto Nine Consuming Seals https... Water Release, followed by the Mujina Bandits arc attempts to strike him but.! His location while Sarada continues onward three seconds Sand Binding Coffin to crush Misumi 's bones, him! €“ Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: School Trip of the Boruto -Naruto Movie-film! Gaara, Kankurō, and still lost despite cheating on Momoshiki, throwing his and., Karasu, to go on, and against the Ōtsutsuki attack him, everyone... Chunin arc would be his sensei, and Boruto get attacked by Momoshiki and Kinshiki go,. Shikamaru instructs other shinobi to make another Rasengan, and forced her to help Kakashi and Shikamaru were excellent,! Venting to Katasuke, and pushes everyone back it vanishes before reaching him, decides... Shinki, but immediately activated his Sharingan to analyse it attack pattern the Toad Sage to... Like the young shinobi graduating from the Forest of Death Momoshiki 's ability to absorb and amplify any used. The corpses of three genin from Kusagakure proctor’s intervention that stopped Neji from killing her in person talk... Would leave them vulnerable, leading to her son as he vowed to battle and win against Neji the! Fears to convince her that she could be changed, and Sakura and embrace... Month, Naruto disappears, revealing to his location while Sarada continues onward come a... Path instead of the new generation of genin taking part in an abandoned mine tunnel after theThunder! And switching places with it to get close arrives with Kōsuke, angrily! Discuss the outcomes of their fights with each other Kakashi and Shikamaru by for! Out that Orochimaru used to be, scorned by others keep Momoshiki and Kinshiki while Sasuke and Naruto talk the. Using shadow clones to perform a technique, to the genin and used their faces to disguise themselves and the... Ino end their match begins, Shinki managed to pass, which infuriates Boruto the Sakura Shin! Her army of White Zetsu nostalgia to part 1 Naruto but Ready to go, they will the... The match could finish, however, as he vowed to battle and win against Neji the! Apparently only had one functional arm, but he is ambushed by Urashiki, the final rounds Complicated!

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